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Who we are

Jobs is a company formed by a multidisciplinary team of consultants with over 20 years of professional experience in the fields of human resources and business administration.  Years of experience working in multinational corporations and continuous training enable our consultants to adapt our services to the needs of our clients.

Consider us “ A partner with Human Sense”, not just a service provider.  Our objective is to lessen the administrative burden of our clients.  We do this, not only through hiring and evaluating the human talent required by your company, but also by providing personnel training geared towards forming dynamic, efficient and functional work-teams.  Our clients are free to focus on business growth and development while we take care of payroll administration and management information reports.

Our main services include:

  • Staffing (Outsourcing)
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Payroll management
  • Headhunting (recruitment)

Jobs commits to finding viable and desirable solutions for our clients and for the personnel we manage.  We not only focus our efforts and resources on providing our services, but also are partnering with our clients’ Human Resources departments.  At Jobs we:

  • Tailor our efforts to fit your business model
  • Align with your core values
  • Have a continuous relationship with the personnel we manage
  • Communicate continuously with our clients in order to administer conjointly
  • Use personnel evaluations as a tool to identify areas of opportunity and development

We not only provide solutions tailored to our client’s business models at competitive prices, we also ensure that our solutions are ethical and transparent both to our clients and to employees.  We seek to align our candidates’ values to those of our clients’ in order to obtain optimal use of a human resource and construct long-term relationships.  We maintain open lines of communication in order to understand your daily activities and pinpoint opportunities that can be used to your advantage.  Moreover, our objective is to provide tangible benefits that will be reflected in your company’s profitability in an environment of equality (employer-employee).  Our priorities are to:

  • Work in tune with your organization’s human resource management
  • Reduce your operational costs
  • Reduce labor related-risks
  • Allow you to focus on your core business
  • Lessen your administrative burdens
  • Increase investment returns

Jobs provides efficient, timely and flexible human resource management, whilst maintaining the highest standards.  Our consultants’ prior experience allows them to identify with our clients, understanding their needs and priorities.   Jobs is “a partner with human sense”; we lessen the burden of human resource management and place at your fingertips the best talent available in the current market.

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