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Talent Attraction

Through our recruiting services our experts link the talent available on the market to the needs of each company. Through a careful selection process, we identify professionals with the knowledge, abilities, and skills required by each of our clients. For this, we have an up-to-date database with pre-screened candidates. Our Match system helps us give a comprehensive focus to linking the profiles of the candidates to vacancies. Since Jobs is a participative partner in all stages of recruitment, from the detailing the job description through to the selection processes in the Assessment Center; we ensure that the process is geared entirely to our client’s needs.

Jobs backs up its recruitment services by promising our clients that within seven days, they will have a list of middle-management candidates with the required profile (as set out by the client). This ensures that the time invested in the process will be reduced to a bare minimum.

Jobs is distinguished by:

  • A comprehensive service that will save the client’s time and money by using efficient tools for recruitment and selection.
  • Making the most out of our clients’ investment in recruitment and ensuring that they receive value-for-money
  • Offering a comprehensive evaluation tool-kit
  • Interview processes that identify capabilities and problem-solving skills of the candidates.
  • Precise selection of candidates according to the job-description
  • Matching capabilities, experience and core values of our candidates with those of the company.
  • Quick response times according to our service promise
  • Completing the recruitment process professionally, ethically and with transparency

We commit to offer the best available talent in the least amount of time because we understand the importance of having vacancies filled in a timely manner. Jobs contributes to this process by selecting the best candidates since we know that recruitment sets the stage for productivity, efficiency and business growth.

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