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General Employee services

Jobs offers services to our personnel so they can come to us with any question, doubt or concern they might have as to their employment relations. We manage the relationship with our personnel, and with our clients, in an ethical and transparent manner.

Our Inplant concept ensures a close work relationship with our clients and our personnel; it allows us to give a quick proactive response to any need that may arise. This could range from the proper management of paperwork with the Mexican Institute for Social Security (IMSS), Mexican Internal Revenue service (Hacienda) or INFONAVIT (worker housing benefit legally entitled to by each employee) to payroll, deposits, and in general everything that may be required to efficiently manage human resources.

As in everything we do in Jobs, the Inplant Service is tailored to fill each company’s need, so we can have our staff at your facilities at all times. This service can be with a minimal fee or free of cost when the volume of employees requires it. With the Inplant service, our clients not only have a partner that manages external human capital, and our employees have a direct mediator, where they can be heard, motivated and have all their doubts and questions addressed.

Our management methods have led to higher productivity and a positive work environment. Our clients consider this an added value to our services as well as a comprehensive management of external human capital. We are more than a service provider, in Jobs, we consider our relationship with our clients and with our employees as a “Partner with Human Sense” to build long-term relationships.

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