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Payroll Management

Managing the payroll is a time consuming job that takes up much of the company’s resources. Our company offers its clients external payroll management service so that they may concentrate their efforts on their core business instead of spending on complicated systems and training personnel to manage the payroll. This service not only contributes to the timely and transparent management of your resources, but also ensures that all labor obligations, as set out in Mexican Labor law, are met such as:

  • Mexican Social Security (IMSS)
  • INFONAVIT (Mexican labor benefit to help workers obtain housing)
  • Compliance with the Mexican Internal Revenue Service requirements

Managing a payroll properly means that all obligations are covered,avoiding fines, surcharges and penalties that will negatively affect the company’s productivity and yield. Our team of professionals, designs a compensation plan based on the needs of the client and the employees. Moreover, we print out payroll receipts, salary standings, informative statements (provisional and annual), employee appointments and discharges, tax retentions, among other documents.

In terms of IMSS and INFONAVIT we manage:

  • Employee appointments and discharges
  • Calculation of an employees integrated daily salary
  • Redundancy
  • Sick leave and absenteeism
  • Managing EBA (Anticipated Semester Release) and EMA (Anticipated Monthly Release)
  • Official recognition before IMSS
  • Official outcomes (IMSS and INFONAVIT)

We produce reports for our clients by area and by employee, so that they can see what they are spending on each of these concepts. In this manner our clients can administer their resources efficiently and according to their business strategy whilst maintaining healthy, ethical and transparent relations with their employees.

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