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Work Satisfaction Assessment

Work satisfaction assessment allows Management structures to find out the opinion employees have on the different areas of the company. It is a useful tool that can provide the big picture on the work environment and the satisfaction levels of employees. Work satisfaction assessment questionnaires need to be based on in-depth research. Upper and middle management need to be involved in providing information to researchers on what they consider to be the problems or changes that the organization faces, identify difficult situations, highlight problems and possible points of internal conflict.

Jobs considers the application of a work satisfaction questionnaire a unique opportunity, one that cannot easily be repeated.What is not asked properly,will not bring adequate results. For this reason, this is a tool that has to be carefully designed from the offset, and be user friendly. We apply both qualitative and quantitative research; the qualitative research through direct contact with employees, interviews and the use of focus groups,the quantitative research through printed questionnaires, given in an appropriate setting and with our staff present. Both of these tools contribute to sensitize personnel and help us to know more about the codes that are prevalent in the company.

Once we obtain the information, it is very important that it is used as a decision-making help and that it translates into actions within the company, in such a way that employees feel like their opinions are taken into account, and that they were instrumental in pushing for the changes that then take place. In order to build the long-term relations companies want with their employees, these tools cannot be perceived as simple exercises without any action plan.

We have a cutting edge tool for digital statistics that is used for the work satisfaction questionnaire. Based on the company’s objectives the information obtained is used to implement actions. This tool helps us to tackle challenges that become present in:

  • Compensation schemes
  • Motivation
  • Development
  • Internal communication

We develop intelligence that transforms into actions for our clients’ work force, with high investment returns, transparency, ethical focus, clear objectives and solid values.

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