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Organizational Transitions and Outplacement

The current globalized business scenario causes companies to go through restructuring or mergers and acquisitions in order to maintain a competitive edge. Jobs offers our clients expert advisory so that they can undergo necessary organizational shifts whilst maintaining good standing in the areas of talent retention, employee restructuring and redundancy.

Human resource management includes both in-placement as well as outplacement. It is through the former, that the company creates calm and secure work environment for employees that stay in the company. Through the latter, the company offers support to those who will leave, helping them with the transition and creating employment opportunities, development and then reinsertion back into the labor market. The outplacement process includes:

  • Assessing the candidates abilities, talents, and knowledge capabilities
  • Creating a professional profile that will identify areas of potential growth and personal ambition
  • Action plan that includes job-seeking strategies based on communication and interview technics.
  • Job seeking tools, such as headhunting firms, entrepreneurship, mailing, networking and web based tools.
  • Reinsertion into professional activity

Expert advisors use these tools to help each candidate become strengthened by the experience and discover his/her potential. The company will also come through the experience stronger, retaining the desired workers and finding a balance between investing in human resources and managing change adequately. Jobs has the professional experience required to work closely with our clients on the management issues that come with organizational shifts.

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