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Individual and Collective Labor Relations Advisory

The complex nature of labor relations in Mexico requires in-depth knowledge of the system and the constantly changing labor laws, as well as expertise on risk management and conflict resolution. Jobs has a long history of working with individual and collective labor relations from where we draw our experience. Our main objective is to offer our client timely and professional management of labor risks so that they can focus on the decision-making, business strategy and operation of their core business, whilst our experts take charge of labor relations.

Our expertise in dealing with unions and individual workers includes implementing preventive and corrective measures. Our experts design these preventive and corrective measures based on the current labor law, business ethics and respecting each individual’s dignity when facing challenges such as:

  • Ending labor relations due to mergers
  • The restructuring of a company
  • Changes brought about through the use of new technologies, labor shifts and redundancy

Moreover, we have the means and experience necessary to manage union relations and establish collective contracts with our clients’ unions; we assess the cost of said contract and make recommendations to ensure the lowest cost is achieved whilst always maintaining high standards.

Our experts take care of problem solving so that our clients can enjoy a smooth transition into whatever changes their company is requiring. We have worked together with top of the line companies managing collective contracts with unions and individual labor relations. With the help of Jobs’ experts our clients have achieved substantial savings through the use and management of temporal and unionized workers.

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