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The relationship with our clients goes beyond the handing over a ready-made human resource management package. Jobs understands the needs and objectives of our clients. Our management activities are tailored to provide a wide range of services as needed by each of our clients and of our personnel.

Our services are tailored to the size and needs of our clients, in other words, personalized to fit the individual needs of each company. We believe that our services need to be centered on creating projects designed to increase the productivity of each of our clients. The personalized element of our services is key to our success and that of our clients’, because each one will vary in size, genre and level of development. Catering to the specific needs of each one of our clients ensures that the use of our services will result in a cost-effective investment return.

Our key services span over 4 areas:

  • Staffing (Outsourcing)
  • Human Resources Consulting
  • Payroll management
  • Recruitment

a) Staffing.

Staffing is not limited to the hiring and managing of employees for special and temporary projects. Staffing for Jobs means active participation with our client, assessing their Human Resource needs in each stage of development and by specific areas. Whether we recruit human capital for short or long-term projects we ensure that we pair the skills of potential employees with our client’s individual needs. Our recruitment process involves seeking out human capital with the necessary skills, abilities and training necessary for the positions we are hired to fill. Our recruitment expertise flourished in the pharmaceutical industry, hence Jobs understands the importance of managing human resources in a highly competitive and sensitive sector. Our success stems not only from targeted selection of personnel, but from training, developing and retaining the personnel we hire for our clients.

b) Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources consulting can be the launching path needed to create a detailed plan for making the most of your human capital, resulting in a high rate of return of the initial investment in your personnel. Our services range from a simple diagnosis of the company’s human resources, to the full implementation of tailor-made proposals created by our experts.

c) Payroll management

Managing a payroll is a very demanding and time consuming process that can tie up a significant amount of a company’s resources each month. By freeing up the resources wrapped up in this activity, your company can focus on its core business. We take care of salary structures, estimates, salary processing, and employee management so that our clients don’t have to. Our exclusive “Compensation Design” ensures both our clients and employees that the correct remuneration is being provided, according to their needs and legal obligations.

d) Talent Attraction

Our ample experience allows us to find professionals with the ability, competence, skills and training required by each and every one of our clients. We use our expertise to identify, recruit and hire the best talent available.

Jobs has a unique promise in talent recruitment. We promise our clients that within seven days they will have a list of middle-management candidates with the required profile (as set out by the client). We commit to offer the best available talent in the least amount of time, because we understand the importance of having vacancies filled in a timely manner.

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